Star wars rebels vs clone wars

star wars rebels vs clone wars

How does Rebels compare to The Clone Wars series? Which in your opinion is If we're being completely objective, The Clone Wars is also very kid-friendly. With Rebels Season 3 in full swing I thought it'd be an appropriate time to ask how everyone feels about Star Wars Rebels in comparison to. Star Wars: The Clone Wars was an Emmy Award winning series which premiered in theaters on August 15, and subsequently on. RexCloneWarsMVS Originally posted by NewGuy01 Nah, late TCW animation was vastly better, just look at the last episode of Season 6. Comic Vine Forums Off-Topic Browse Boards Gen. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. I just don't care about Ezra or Kanan or any of the main cast. The Last Airbender my favorite show and all of TCW. In just about every episode, it's blatantly clear the characters should have failed or just outright died, yet they still get away and still get what they need, they don't even hide it. Rebels is all cartooney and just not as good. The action scene still fun. Oct 14, Posts: It's just a little more lighter in tone than Clone Wars . star wars rebels vs clone wars Everyone who is an Empire fan is overwhelmed about Rebels, but everything in the Empire is so overdone. But the dialogue makes me want to scratch my ears out sometimes and I don't know if that's because of the script or the voice actors. I've seen them both, and personally I prefer the clone wars. Search titles only Posted by Member: Batvibe12 Follow Forum Posts: Darth Basin The Greatest Rebel General.

Star wars rebels vs clone wars - die meisten

Teenagers and young adults could enjoy it just as much as kids. CLone Wars was the story of the Empire and the manipulation it took to creat that Empire. Richard96 Follow Forum Posts: Jun 22, Posts: I liked the clones and Jedi working together. I'll concede that the first half of Season 5 of TCW kinda sucked, though. With the inclusion of Maul and that whole story arc, including Bendu, things are really getting intriguing. It was just more dark and the variety of story arc was amazing, which I've read that won't be possible for SWR. Much of the Prequels and The Clone Wars contained stories about the ruling elites of the galaxy far, far away. TCW redeemed the movie. Clone Wars was fun, but in Star Wars the time of the Empire is better. From what I've seen, there haven't been any utterly atrocious episodes.



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